Alpacas, The Superior Animal


What is this animal? If you are about to say llama just stop right now. This is an alpaca, which is nothing like the llama. If you thought this was a llama, you are not alone. Many people get these two animals confused and think they are the same thing, but they are not. Not only do they look different, but they also act differently. Here are some reasons why alpacas are not like llamas.



  1. The Ears


Llama ears are long and almost look like bananas while alpaca ears are short, and look like spears. Llama ears are kind of weird and I would rather have short ears.




  1. The Face


Llamas usually have a longer face, while alpacas have a shorter face that appears to be smushed. Alpaca’s short face makes them look happier like they are smiling at me.


  1. Hair on the head


Llamas usually have little hair on their heads and face, while alpacas usually have a large tuft of hair on their head that falls into their eyes. I love all the fur on alpacas because they look like pillows but llamas just look creepy.



  1. Height


Llamas are taller than alpacas and can range from 4-4.5 feet at the shoulder, while alpacas are about 3 feet at the shoulder. I feel like a llama’s height is kind of intimidating while alpacas are short enough to be cute.



  1. Personality

happy Llama Contest picture


Llamas are very confident and brave while alpacas are very shy and gentle. Llamas are kind of scary to me while alpacas are so cute and sweet.



  1. Spitting

ukip-candidate-accused-of-spitting-at-a-green-mp-was-only-pretending-to-spit-905-1427717876alpacaLlamas spit quickly whenever they feel threatened, while alpacas only spit as a last resource. Llamas don’t seem to be in control of their spit as much as alpacas do which is gross to me.



So now you can see that Alpacas are different than llamas, and quite frankly are better. Yes, they are cousins and may look a little bit alike at times but don’t be mean to alpacas like that. Alpacas deserve to be treated differently than llamas because as you now know alpacas are the superior animal. Just look how cute they are!  So next time you see an alpaca you should go up to it and apologize for thinking it was a llama. It is just the right thing to do.

Sites that I used—alpaca-vs-llama-what-are-the-differences


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